Crazy Month

I can’t believe it is already the middle of May… time has been flying and I’ve been super busy and to be honest forgot about posting to my blog.  I’m setting a calendar reminder so I will at least start posting once a week!

Things have been crazy busy at work – finally the busy, busy season ended last Thursday, now we just go back to normal busy.  I have started putting feelers out to see about moving within the company to a different job but just really starting to assess if that is something that I want to do.  On one hand I really do because I’m ready to spread my wings and learn something new but on the other hand I know that depending on the job will change things dramatically for me.  I currently work from home and that would most likely change if I got another job.  I say that I’m prepared for that change but then I wonder if I really am.  I currently get to wear stretchy pants and t-shirts everyday and if I have to go into an office my attire will change greatly.  LOL – silly I know but that is seriously something to think about.

I’m also starting a health and fitness business while I am on my own journey to health.  I’m a Beachbody coach and am posting to my social media to help keep myself accountable.  I’ve had some bad days lately and just eaten like crap – been around some people who are not that great for me – create stress eating.  I have to reassess and step back from those people.  I learned several years ago that I am in control of who I allow to be in my life – I choose to have positive people and those that are focused on the same thing that I’m focused on… Improving my life and becoming the healthiest me possible.

It’s definitely a journey and I hope that you will join me as I go along.  It won’t happen quickly (I didn’t put it on overnight) so I know it is going to be lots of ups and downs but I’m recommitted to my journey and hope that sharing this will help keep me accountable.  If you’re looking for some accountability let me know and we can be each other’s help!

Until next time…

Checking In…

Hi Friends – so since I’m still new to this blogging thing I have got to set calendar reminders to blog.  It has been a busy few days here in Texas!

I’ve been working with a friend of mine on getting a women’s golf league started within our non-profit organizations (we are each a leader for an employee resource group within AT&T).   So I’m super excited to say that we had the kickoff on Saturday and it was a small/intimate group of ladies.  We think it was a huge success and everyone had fun!  I’m not a golfer but am going to see about taking some lessons and playing before the season is over – I have some time we will be meeting every 2nd Saturday of the month through November.  Since we live in TX the weather should be nice enough to accommodate that plan.

In other news I’m super, super happy that my husband will be coming home tomorrow.  He has been traveling for work most of the year, and so pumped that he will be home for at least a month.  We don’t have any kids, except our fur babies but it’s been super lonely lately and I’m ready to have another human around to interact with.  I’ve got a few things to do before he is home but I’ll do some speed cleaning before I go pick him up.  Who else does that?  Speed clean before someone is going to be coming over or any other thing that happens!  It’s hilarious to me that I do this but it’s something my mom taught me to do growing up and a habit I’ve not ever broken.

Work has been going good – I put in some time this weekend but am so happy that this busy season is almost over… come on Thursday!   I’ve been doing a 60 day workout program called PiYo, which has been awesome since my knee was having issues.  I’m down to the last 21 days of that program and I’ve decided that I’m going to add some additional workouts – I’m doubling up and doing PiYo as well as 21 Day Fix.  I think this will help challenge me and keep me pushing myself.   This weight loss journey is just that… a journey that is going to take some time to accomplish my goals.  I did some food prepping today which is key to keeping me on track.

I know I’ve been super random tonight but felt like this is what I wanted to share.  I hope you’re having a great week so far and will chat with y’all soon!!!

Take care & chat soon.

Tough Day

Today has been a really hard day for me!  On Saturday one of my dogs hurt his foot and came to me with it bleeding, so I got him to settle down and got it cleaned.  It seemed fine as the day progressed but yesterday he really started to limp, and only got worse this morning.  We had to get up really early this morning to handle some things and his limp was worse, so the minute the vet opened I called to see if they could see us – luckily they could so off we went to have his paw checked out.  I’m so thankful to say that nothing is broken and that he just has an infection, we left with 4 different pill bottles.   I’ve added a picture of my four-legged kids!

So there was some stress eating happening today, which I knew but I still allowed the convenience to win the battle.  I had all these plans laid out to meal prep and be prepared for this week so that I wouldn’t be distracted by easy food, but life happens and I allowed things to take over my plans therefore fast food won today, but tomorrow is a new day and I’m planning to be in control and have no extra stress to contribute to my choices.

This week is super busy as I have an in town conference that I will be attending for 2 days, which means that I’ll be working late a few days to make up for the missed time!  No worries though since I enjoy my job and supporting the folks that I work with, seriously a great group of people.  Work is super stressful in this busy season and I’m trying to find time to handle everything that needs to be handled.  Who else adds extra stress to yourself with expectations of things that you think need to be done, therefore creating more work and pressure for ourselves?  I’m really working on stopping that – life is way too short to stress out over little things, and when I think about some of it – they are all little things.

I hope everyone has a great week – and I’ll chat with y’all soon!


Welcome & Introduction

Hi y’all, my name is Trasey and I’m in my late 30’s, a wife, mom (1 bonus daughter, and 2 dogs).  I’m a huge Disney fan, a very amateur photographer, and a new Beachbody coach.  I work full time for a great company and have been there 20 years… time flies.  I’m starting this blog to give myself a place to share my thoughts and struggles with life in general.  I hope you will join me as I work  my way to the healthiest me I can be.

I have always been a “big” girl, I was always the biggest of my friends.  I was also the girl that was constantly told that I had a pretty smile, pretty face or pretty hair – you know the typically comments that people tell “big” girls.  I am very comfortable in my skin and confident in who I am!  As I have gotten older I realize that it’s not going to get any easier to lose weight so it’s something I’m going to have to be constantly tuned in to.  Most of my family is overweight and we always got together to eat, anything we did together was focused around food.  About a year or so ago I decided that I didn’t want to continue down the “big” girl path – I was ready to get off the couch and live the life the God designed for me to live.  I know there are so many things I have missed out on and didn’t do for fear of not being able to keep up or going only to find I was over the weight limit.  One thing I have always wanted to do is skydive but I know there are weight limits to that so I’ve never even attempted it.

This blog is going to be a place where I will share all things.  It’s not always going to be easy or pretty but I know this will help keep me accountable and focused on my goal.  I know it won’t happen overnight (I didn’t put it on overnight), and I know there will be days that I will be derailed and struggle but I hope that I can share that with people and we can all keep each other accountable and focused on the end goal.   I look forward to the journey and victories that are to come.

I hope you enjoy this blog and join me on my journey!